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I’ve been itching for some more color in my SLife, and I got really excited when I unpacked this awesome new mesh couch from Tatty Soup.  It comes in three colors and is pretty darn amazing.  So I used it as my inspiration for a punch of color and built the rest of this room around it.

Full decor details after the cut, and be sure to check out the larger version of this photo on my flickr for a closer look.

***Promotional copies and gifts are denoted by a Bold R***

Decor (from left to right)
[North West] Clock on a Plate (rg. plain white) [Lili Brink] [SL Marketplace]
.::Plush Pod::. See Art (no longer available) [Jenny Minogue]
LISP Bazaar - Sir Jeremy Bulb Planter [Pandora Popstar] [SL Marketplace]
MudHoney Joan Chair, Ottoman, and Mirror [Rayvn Hynes] [SL Marketplace]
[*Art Dummy!] vintage barn light (rusty silver) [Gala Charron] [SL Marketplace]
/artilleri/ 60ies phone (15 prims) *color change* [Antonia Marat] [SL Marketplace]
[North West] Iron Side Table (gunmetal) [Lili Brink] [SL Marketplace]
*Tatty Soup* Lyde Couch Lime. (mesh) R [Tab Tatham] [SL Marketplace]
The Loft – Castor Table White Wash [Colleen Desmoulins] [SL Marketplace]
The Loft - Nautical Rug [Colleen Desmoulins] [SL Marketplace]
MudHoney Vogue Magazine Prop [Rayvn Hynes] [SL Marketplace]
[*Art Dummy!] Seaglass bottles w/candles [Gala Charron] [SL Marketplace]
[North West] Wordtrotter (love) (former FLF item) [Lili Brink] [SL Marketplace]
[North West] Summer Frame 02 (banana stripes) [Lili Brink] [SL Marketplace]
[North West] Summer Frame 02 (lilac stripes) [Lili Brink] [SL Marketplace]
Second Spaces - old burlap bag w/mags [Elle Kirshner] [SL Marketplace]

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  1. Posted March 10, 2012 at 10:21 am by Nissa Nightfire | Permalink

    What a terrific space, Stacie! Spring always makes me long for more color too :) The couch looks great, definitely!

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