Kiss Me in the D.A.R.K.

I think it’s fair to say I’m addicted to anything and everything mesh.  I have fallen hook-line-and-sinker in love, and I just can’t help myself at this point.  So, it’s no surprise that I adore this incredible new mesh Be Mine Mini Dress from Beetlebones.  If you don’t have it yet, WHY NOT?!?!?  Seriously… this is no joking matter.

Also, be sure to grab the new mesh lashes at Beetlebones, too.  They are INSANELY amazing and really easy to fit.  Lashes usually take me more than half an hour to fit, and these only took me 10 minutes at most.  And the pack comes with 10 different styles of lashes and 2 options per style (tintable and black) for a total of 20 options.  What a great deal!

My new lashes look especially great paired with my gorgeous new mesh eyes from Mayfly.  These eyes are truly droolworthy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a close-up for you, but Gogo posted some great pictures HERE.  Be sure to check it out!

OH!  And the HAIR!  I’m sure you’ve already seen it on everyone and their grandma, but seriously… mesh hair from elikatira???  I’m in heaven.

Full details below…

***Promotional copies are denoted by a Bold R***

Skin:  Laqroki ~ Ebba [Peach] 01 [Mallory Cowen]
Hair (mesh):  [elikatira] Locked – Red 09 [Elikapeka Tiramisu] [SL Marketplace]
Eyes (mesh):  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Summer Shore) [Arkesh Baral] [SL Marketplace]
Lashes (mesh):  ::Beetlebones:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black) [suetabulous Yootz] [SL Marketplace]
Lipstick (tattoo):  [Pink Fuel] Elly <Chai> – Glam Lipstick – (Cherry) [Mochi Milena] [SL Marketplace]
Eye liner (tattoo): Laqroki ~ Eye makeup 01a [Mallory Cowen]
Eyebrows (tattoo):  Laqroki ~ [Peach] Alva Red [Mallory Cowen]

Dress (mesh):  ::Beetlebones:: Be Mine Mini Dress (PURPLE) [suetabulous Yootz] [SL Marketplace]
Blouse (with collar and tie): – Reverie.Shirt (White) [Darling Monday] [SL Marketplace]
Leggings:  MichaMi: Pia Leggings in Black [Milla Michinaga] [SL Marketplace]

Earrings: [North West] Sissi Square Hoop small (colour-change) [Lili Brink] [SL Marketplace]
Bag:  Doppelganger – Milla Pouch – Pomegranate (Seasons Gatcha) [Syler Morgwain and Francesca Cazenove] [SL Marketplace]

Pose:  !bang - stand 234 [Trieste Minuet] [SL Marketplace]

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