Flightless Bird

I’ve been wearing this cute little outfit for a few days now while trying to build something that just did not work out the way I had hoped.  Sad face.  But, the plus side of builder’s block is that I needed a break to clear my head, so I decided to blog this outfit instead!

I’ve had this top from G Field for quite a while now, so it’s nothing new but I still love it soooo much.  I recently found these awesome mesh high-waisted shorts at MOLiCHiNO (which is a new-to-me store, by the way), and I thought this top would be adorable with them.  These shorts are REALLY well done, and I absolutely adore them.  I can tell that I will definitely be wearing them a lot this year.  Also, I picked up these fantastic boots from G Field at the Fashion for Life 2012 event, and I am completely smitten with them.  The cuffs are actually texture-change, and the boots are mesh so they fit like a glove.

I’ve been wearing a ton of Exile hair recently, and I am in love with this new Someone Like You hairstyle.  Kavar’s mesh hairstyles fit me so well, and he pumps out enough new releases to keep me swimming in plenty of options.  I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum on this look, but this fanciers necklace from undefined lilies is one of my favorite pieces of Lilie’s, and it makes me feel all fancypants.

Last but not least, if you don’t already have the Logie Garden Set from The Loft, you definitely need to go check it out.  Colleen has MAD mesh skills, and this gorgeous and completely romantic set makes my heart all aflutter.  It comes with all of these adorable accessories as well as plenty of pose and prop options.  It’s just amazing.  Seriously… go check it out.

Full details and SLurls follow the cut…

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In Living Color

I’ve been itching for some more color in my SLife, and I got really excited when I unpacked this awesome new mesh couch from Tatty Soup.  It comes in three colors and is pretty darn amazing.  So I used it as my inspiration for a punch of color and built the rest of this room around it.

Full decor details after the cut, and be sure to check out the larger version of this photo on my flickr for a closer look.

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For whatever reason, I tend to stick to casual clothes in SL.  To be quite honest, I’m not really in SL much at all unless I’m working on items for my shop, so I usually just wear whatever is easiest at the time.  But since my addiction to mesh continues to grow, I find myself seeking out more and more mesh happiness to fill my expanding inventory.  I decided to hit up March Mesh Madness because I really wanted this blouse from Decoy, and I came away with a few more purchases.

This Emily Ruffle Tank from Decoy is definitely my favorite Spring item so far.  It really fits so well, and the ruffle details are pretty much perfect.  It’s so feminine and adorable, and I just want to wear it all the time.  I paired it with these awesome trousers from coldLogic, which are pretty amazing, too.  I picked them up at March Mesh Madness, but I’m pretty sure they are available in the coldLogic mainstore as well, if you’re looking to avoid the lag of MMM.  For shoes, I kept it simple with these awesome flip-flops from Maitreya, which are definitely my favorites and are very easy to tint.

For a punch of color, I chose this gorgeous rose leather bag from TokiDoki, which is EXACTLY the kind of bag I need in RL.  I also added a punch of character with this super cute elephantastic necklace from undefined lilies, which is hands-down one of my favorite jewelry stores in SL.  Lilie’s pieces are so adorable and trendy, and I just love seeing the creativity in her new releases.  Last but not least, I have been super impressed with all of the new mesh hair at Exile lately, and this hairstyle, Rumour has it, is definitely one of my favorites.  I highly encourage you to try demos of all of Kavar’s new mesh styles.  Full details follow the cut…

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There are times when I just see something I need.  NEED.  And I just have to have it.  I spend most of my time in SL working on builds, and I rarely brave events before the first week of lag has worn off, but I just couldn’t restrain myself.  I had to hit up the Festival of Sin for this bed.  Both the headboard and the bedspread are texture change, and the bed comes with 2 wood versions of the bed as well as the bulb accessories pictured.

Full decor details after the cut, and be sure to check out the larger version of this photo on my flickr for a close-up look.

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I have been getting back into taking pictures lately, so I decided to try out this new Springscape windlight setting from Luna Jubilee.  I love it!  I also adore the back of this tank and the ass on these leather leggings, so I decided to take the opportunity to do a rare photo of myself from the back side.  Plus, you know i’m a huge lover of all things home decor, so full credits follow the cut… enjoy!

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